“Creating high capacity residential networks with great speeds and coverage”

key facts

Making your large collection of music, photos, or videos available to all your computers and devices does not have to be as challenging as you’d think. We can help you set up a network storage device, deploy an inexpensive server, or just configure an existing computer to store and share all your content, so everyone on the network is able to access and enjoy the whole collection. Gecko can help configure your home network so that you get the most out of your computer hardware. Creating high capacity residential networks with great speeds and coverage is a crucial requirement of any home.”

  • We have been installing, and managing home network-internet services for our clients for many years
  • We design and install bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Gecko is skilled at designing and installing networks with practical solutions for many different home technology systems
  • We pride ourselves on excellent after-sales service, future-proof technology and simple transparent pricing/payment schemes
  • Wireless Access Points

    Correct placement will increase speeds

  • Networking Infrastructure

    Hardwired VoIP and Data point installation

  • Rack Switches

    Centralised data switches

  • DNS/VPN Services and Setup

    Watch regional TV shows

  • Remote Access

    Connectivity to your systems allows control from anywhere

  • Maintenance & Support

    Remotely checking all functionality periodically

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